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Are you new to Scuba Diving ? 

- There is 2 options to choose from.

(1) - A PADI Discover Scuba Diving​ Day Trip.
- Optional but recommended pool training. 900.000 IDR

- Guided day trip underwater. 2.500.000 IDR




(2) - Take the entry level PADI course.

PADI Scuba Diver 4.150.000 IDR 
PADI Open Water Course 5.350.000 IDR


Note - All PADI Course's require you have materials either purchased at home or online however we will be able to offer the best pricing when combined in your booking.
The PADI Online e-learning is only 2.250.000 IDR per person

Promo - Special island trip plus free extra Manta Ray dive or snorkel with your course is only an extra 1.000.000 IDR

About Us & Included 

- PADI Professionally trained &
  safety certified scuba dive staff.

- Amazing reef locations.

- Return transfers within our area.

- Tasty lunch & refreshments.

- Top of the range dive equipment.
- Staff that host and relate to you.

- Premium service or your money back.

- Discount on multiple days & group bookings.
- Highest proven track record online.


We Also Have A Price Match Guarantee Program 

Do you want more from PADI ?
PADI Courses - Continue Your Dive Education

Promo - If you do not already have your materials then the PADI Online e-learning materials for most of our courses will only be 2.250.000 IDR per person.

(Price Guarantee)

PADI Advance Open Water Diver (Option 1)
Includes 2 days diving with 5 adventure dives. 

5.000.000 IDR per person + Materials if required.

PADI Advance Open Water Diver (Option 2)
Includes 2 days diving with 5 adventure dives. 
Recommended to also see the manta rays.

5.700.000 IDR per person + Materials if required.

Adventure Dives 1 by 1 - Promo 
When booking a day trip fun diving.

Buoyancy - Drift - Night dive

Naturalist - Fish ID - Navigation

Deep (30 meters) or Photography

(Camera rental 500.000 IDR per day)

Only 600.000 IDR each


PADI Nitrox/Enriched - Promo price
All materials and certification included 
in this course + 2 Enriched air tanks.

2.500.000 IDR per person when booking any day trip


First Aid - Emergency First Response Course (EFR)

All materials and certification included in this course. Only 2.750.000 IDR


PADI Rescue Diver Course - Promo Fun Diving

Time : 3 Days

Pool and ocean training + free fun diving.

All materials and certification included in this course.

Price: 10.600.000 IDR


PADI Divemaster Internship - Go Pro 
1 month program Starting at 18.750.000 IDR
Click here to read more

PADI Instructor IDC program - Pro to Guru

Starting at 19.500.000 IDR

Private Boat Charter













If you would like to charter a boat with us for a group or private day out then please contact us and we can put a quote together for you.  CONTACT US

Fun diving for certified divers

Skills review - 750.000 IDR        

Padang Bay 2 dive - 2.050.000 IDR          

Padang Bay Muck/Macro 2 Dive - 2.250.000 IDR      
Liberty Shipwreck 2 dive  - 2.000.000 IDR

Nusa Penida (Manta) 3 dive - 2.950.000 IDR    

Pro Tepekong + Mimpang 2 dive - 2.850.000 IDR           

Amed 2 dive - 2.250.000 IDR                                            

Pro Kubu reef and wreck - 2.250.000 IDR                             

3rd dive 650.000 IDR (may require private transfers)

3rd as night dive 850.000 IDR req private transport.

Menjagan > Safari Only / Please Contact us

Promo - Don't forget you can always take part in PADI Adventure dives like Deep, Photos, Fish, Drift ,Night Nitrox and more, so make sure you ask when you make contact.


Nusa Penida 1.750.000 IDR

Padang Bay 1.250.000 IDR

Amed 1.250.000 IDR

Tulamben 1.150.000 IDR

Camera and Video

Underwater camera rental per day   
500.000 IDR

Private guide for photos video (inc camera) 
1.800.000 IDR 

Bali Transport


Seminyak / Kuta / Sanur area pick up transfers on all day trips & course day trips out are included in your booking.

If you are staying in an area outside the above please see the price list below for each zone to the dive centre or diving location.

These transfers will be a private driver transfer for you as we cannot bring other guests outside the areas above. 

To Seminyak for the day and return​        
Uluwatu - The very bottom of Bali - 700.000 IDR       
Nusa Dua - South Bali - 650.000 IDR                   
Jimberan - South of the airport - 650.000 IDR             
Sanur - East Bali - 650.000 IDR                                  
Ubud - Middle of Bali - 700.000 IDR                           
Canggu - North from seminyak  - 650.000 IDR      

To Sanur for the day and return​              
Uluwatu - The very bottom of Bali - 700.000 IDR         
Nusa Dua - South Bali - 650.000 IDR                        
Jimberan - South of the airport - 650.000 IDR               
Ubud - Middle of Bali - 
700.000 IDR                                   

Canggu - North from seminyak - 650.000 IDR                 


To Padang Bay for the day and return​   
Uluwatu - The very bottom of Bali - 850.000 IDR  
Nusa Dua - South Bali - 750.000 IDR                            
Jimberan - South of the airport - 750.000 IDR        
Ubud - Middle of Bali - 750.000 IDR                        

Canggu - North from seminyak - 700.000 IDR               


To Tulamben for the day and return​       
Uluwatu - The very bottom of Bali - 950.000 IDR   
Nusa Dua - South Bali - 850.000 IDR                        
Jimberan - South of the airport - 850.000 IDR         
Ubud - Middle of Bali - 850.000 IDR                               
Canggu - North from seminyak - 850.000 IDR                    



Payment is required to secure a booking. 

We have simple and honest rules of business. Issues have arisen from no-show and no-pay guests therefore we ask for payment in advance and in return you have free cancellation with a full refund up to seven days before your trip date. If you are booking from Bali last minute we can be flexible but In return we ask for good communication. Please always read your emails and payment invoices. 

google pay.png
Bitcoin accepted here.png

We Accept 

Cash / Credit / Debit Cards.

Wise & PayPal.

International bank transfer.
Bitcoin (BTC).



Please make sure you have your own holiday insurance to cover scuba diving and certified divers have your own from insurers like DAN.


Clear view fee's 
Modern Bank Transfers & TransferWise are the best way forwards as the fee's and rates are more fair and clear.

We still also use PayPal due to its ability to make life easy and fixed all fee's to 5% even though they are higher.

Bank Transfers, TransferWise & Bitcoin (BTC) payments are taken without fee's or spreads.

Full Booking
Terms and Conditions



Nitrox tanks for all certified Nitrox divers on all our dive trips or take our super promo PADI Enriched Air Course for only 2.500.000 IDR
Tanks subject to availabilty

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