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The  ASDB Team


Our mission is very simple

To enjoy our work every day and share the underwater world with anyone who wants to come along.

 Safety is number one followed by unrivalled personal customer service.

We lead with experience, listen to you and answer with the best possible recommendations.


     Sam ‘The Governer’  

(Written by Darren)


Sam started diving in Egypt after leaving England with a broken heart, as soon as he landed he noticed the large PADI sign while walking down a boulevard next to the beach, once he had his first scuba dive he was hooked. 


Sam then travelled to South East Asia and Australia, comitted to becoming a scuba Instructor.

I met  Sam in 2008 while while he was building his career under the PADI umbrella teaching students in various courses and classroom lectures. 


Sam then landed a teaching/management position in North Indonesia. After diving some of the best sites in the world and mixing with the local culture he found his home.


In 2012 Sam made a visit to Bali to study the Indoensian language then set up ASDB at the start of 2013 going solo and personalizing dive trips in and around Bali.


Sam is the heart of ASDB with a huge network to make sure we can offer the best for all our guests.


Favorite Dive Site :  Tepekong



 Steve Stride
AKA 'Scuba Steve'

(Written by Gaz)


Steve from the UK started diving by a chance phone call to a old friend while discussing a holiday.

He came to Indonesia for a brake between jobs and and took his first steps in 

Scuba and became hooked, A few years later he is now teaching other people to 

blow bubbles.

Having served a staggering 22 years in the military, he has an extensive 

adventure training background and was offered a job teaching in Indonesia in 

2013 and has been here since.

Steve has dived all the sites in and around Bali along with Komodo and moyo.

If you can not find him either diving or around ASDB office he may be watching his 

beloved football or GP.


Favorite Dive Site :  Bias Tugal




Darren ‘The PADI Daddy ’ Warburton

(Writen by Sam)


Darren started diving in 1888..  oh wait sorry 1988 and yes scuba diving had been invented back then. Completing his first professional level PADI Dive Master in the chilly UK's waters.


After 3 years in children's  entertainment as a Care Bear, his desire to raise a smile with dreadful jokes and ridiculous puns clearly show.


I met Darren when he moved out of the UK to Thailand where he was searching for some warmer waters and a new audience for his comedy, (the jokes were so bad the EU was threatening to deport him!). 


Here he continued his diving career going on to become a PADI "Daddy" Master Instructor.  


Darren joined ASDB in 2014 starting a new chapter in Indonesia, working with the same enthusiasm as myself and is trusted to do the best he can for all our guests.


When he is not taking care of business development and students, Darren has a  passion for underwater photography and above water anything related to gadgets and gismos.


Favorite Dive Site :  Tulamben Ship Wreck



Prashanti ‘The Boss’ Pyke 


Prashanti AKA (Pea) got her first taste of diving on a short holiday to Thailand and within 3 months she'd left her old life in Australia and moved to the Thai island of Koh Tao.


Pea stepped into the restaurant business and created a beautiful cafe on the island, training local staff to create amazing healthy Western food.


Not satisfied with one job at a time, while setting up the cafe she also took part in PADI development programs to become a PADI Divemaster.


With a huge set of skills and being the female that every business needs, Pea joined ASDB in search of new projects to sink her teeth into. This give her the opportunity to help our instructor team and guide certified divers in and around some of the best site in the World.


Pea has a huge heart and a love for all animals both above and below the water. Within a week of starting with ASDB, she had adopted a stray puppy "Scuba".



Favorite Dive Site : Manta Point



Brooke the ‘Eagle Eye’ Dive Master


Being an ‘Aussie’ with a natural sense for adventure, Brooke became addicted to diving after a short holiday to Thailand with her sister (our very own Prashanti). A few months, and a full backpack, later she was back in Thailand to pursue her dive training and bacame a PADI Dive Master.


With her new found love of everything aquatic, she found herself a new fella (George) and they both set off to explore the underwater worlds. First working around Thailand in Koh Tao and Koh Lanta, then onto Queensland Australia where Brooke worked on a sail and dive yacht dong 3 day trips to the Great Barrier Reef. 


Now we all know that blood is thicker than seawater so it was only a matter of time before she joined the fabulous ASDB team to work with her boyfriend and sister.


When she's not under water, Brooke is a Graphic Designer and handmade craft enthusiast running a small blog and knitting neoprene booties for orphaned frog fish.  


Favourite Dive Site: Bias Tugal



‘Gorgeous George’ 


After studying Biology Jörg (George) left Germany in 2012 to pursue a new career as a Scuba Instructor, a love which he discovered on a holiday to Indonesia several months earlier. Completing his training as a Dive Master and then Instructor, George spent a year working all over Thailand. From Koh Tao to Koh Lanta and onto a liveaboard in the Similan Islands, George got a lot of experience under his belt. 


Now back in Indonesia where his diving adventure all began, George is teaching courses in English and German sharing his underwater moments with new and experienced divers whilst constantly searching to find the perfect salt water fighting hair conditioner. 


Favourite Dive Site: Tanjung Jupon

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