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The  ASDB Pro Development Team


Our mission is very simple:

To turn you into the best PADI professional possible while having a lot of fun



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Favorite Dive Site :  Manta Point

Motto 'Diving is like coffee, I am much nicer after I had one'

AKA 'The Boss'


Sam started diving in Egypt after leaving England with a broken heart, as soon as he landed he noticed the large PADI sign while walking down a boulevard next to the beach, once he had his first scuba dive he was hooked. 


Sam then travelled to South East Asia and Australia, comitted to becoming a scuba Instructor. Since 2008 he has been building his diving career under the PADI umbrella teaching students in various courses and classroom lectures. 


In 2012 Sam made a visit to Bali to study the Indonesian language then set up ASDB at the start of 2013 going solo and personalizing dive trips in and around Bali.


Sam is the heart of ASDB with a huge network to make sure we can offer the best for all our newly certified PADI Pros. He often jumps on the Instructor Course to give a hand and share his knowledge of the dive industry and is always happy to provide advice.


Favorite Dive Site :  Tepekong

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Favorite Dive Site : 

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Nothing around here would get done without Adam, pretty much. Or it would be way more chaotic...


Adam is not a part of the instructing team but he is a huge part of what goes on behind the scenes! Daily organization is his job, as well as keeping everybody happy. Huge smile and huge sense of service are two of his strengths. He also enjoys diving when he has time to get out of the office! 





Favorite Dive Site :  

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