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Day Trips To The Nusa Islands. 

Tel : 0811 388 3000

Email :

12 Pax Per Boat
(2 dives or 3 on request)

Labels / Key

(NC) = Waiting payment.
(SN) = Guest Snorkeling
(Pri) = Private
(Sp) =  spaces you can book

(A to Z) = Dive cetre code
(Example - A = ASDB Seminyak)
Full - Full boat


Call the number or email - 9am - 6pm - Mon/Sun


Only reserve your spaces once your customers have paid. Your spaces then go on the calendar.

There is no refunds or space changes within 3 days of a trip.


Refunds are possible if we can fill the spaces you need to cancel with other guests.


Meet Location - Sanur Semawang Beach 8:15/30am.


Departure - 8:30 / 9am 


Helpful note for sharing :

Covert any delays to dive briefings on the beach before departure.


Returning to Sanur - 1 / 4pm depending on dives, dive times and distance from dive sites we use that day.



Dive site Locations > Manta + group choice's.

Note : Instructors with students have the lead on shared trips as students need suitable locations for training and safety. 

Tanks 35.000 per tank

Lunch 35.000 per person


3rd dive -100.000 per space

NItrox 12lt's - 75.000 each


2 locations / dives


Boat Crew

Oxygen Set

Spare Tank

Drinking Water

First Aid Kit




Not Included

Safty Marker Bouys

Spare Equipment

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